Chocolate is Considered Unhealthy But What About Dark Chocolate?

Chocolate is Considered Unhealthy But What About Dark Chocolate?

Baby child, teenager, young or old; chocolate is one of these foods which is liked by everybody. Children like chocolate the most. More often people also like to give or receive chocolate as a gift from their favorite ones.

Why Chocolate is known as the “Food of the Gods”?

Chocolate is prepared from a fruit tree called Theobroma cacao beans which were first domesticated at least 5,300 years ago in South Africa. Chocolate fruit is known as the “Food of the Gods” for its unique taste. Most of the Theobroma cacao tree originated in the upper Amazon basin region like Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. According to the reports of 2022-2023, Ivory Coast and Ghana are the largest cocoa-produced countries in the world.

What are the differences between milk chocolate and dark chocolate?

100% dark chocolate is that food that contains zero sweeteners and sometimes no more ingredients except cocoa powder whereas milk chocolate is prepared by adding milk and other ingredients. Milk chocolate contains only 10-15% of cocoa powder depending on its purity. Here are the differences between chocolate and dark chocolate:

Milk ChocolateDark Chocolate
Prepared with milk, essence, sugar, and other test-boosting ingredients.Depending on the percentage of Dark chocolate, ingredients are added.
Sugar content is high.Low or no sugar content.
Due to sugar, it tastes sweet and appealing.Bitter in taste.
Not recommended for people with medical issues.Dark chocolate is much healthier than normal chocolate
Chocolate is good for depression but due to its sugary content, it is not recommended for people with skin diseases.Depending on its purity, dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants which slows down the aging process, and due to the high quantity of polyphenols, it suppresses Cortisol which is responsible for stress. So, dark chocolate provides a good mood to its consumers which can be considered as an anti-depressing agent.
Due to milky fat and sugar, milk chocolate is not healthy for patients suffering from diabetes, lactose intolerance, and heart disease.Dark chocolate contains flavanol that suppresses Low Density Lipoproteine (LDL) which is responsible for heart diseases.

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Chocolate is a mouth-watering food for every age. Having 30-60 grams of dark chocolate every day is normal for its health benefits. In the debate between dark chocolate and milk chocolate, dark chocolate is more beneficial for a healthy diet.

Pharmacologist I Researcher Research Coordinator Working site: Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Rajshahi, Bangladesh Toxicology Society of Bangladesh