Differences Between Miscarriage & Anembryonic Pregnancy

Differences Between Miscarriage Anembryonic Pregnancy

The happiest news in a girl’s life is that she will be a mother. During pregnancy, a girl has various dreams about her child. But all hopes and dreams are shattered when she faces a miscarriage or anembryonic pregnancy. Child loss is painful for a pregnant woman and her whole family. However, there are some differences between miscarriage and anembryonic pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a woman faces lots of changes in her body. Miscarriage is often seen due to improper positioning of the embryo in the uterus. Most miscarriages occur between 20 weeks and 3 months of pregnancy. Miscarriage can happen for multiple reasons. But miscarriage and anembryonic pregnancy are different from each other.

Let’s discuss the difference between miscarriage and anembryonic pregnancy:

No                   Miscarriage           Anembryonic Pregnancy
1Miscarriages means the sudden loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks.Anembryonic pregnancy is also a known part as blighted ovum to all. When a fertilised egg enters the uterus but does not develop into a fetus, it is called an anembryonic pregnancy. It is known as silent miscarriage too.
2 First trimester (3 months) is more risky to have an unfortunate miscarriage, again it can happen within 20 weeks.Early months of pregnancy is more risky to have anembryonic pregnancy, in some reported cases, patient experienced this incidence before acknowledgement of even pregnancy.
3Pregnancy after the mother is over 35 years is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage and abnormal conditions in the body.There is no particular age factor is responsible for anembryonic pregnancy but advanced age with obesity can cause this loss.
4 Hormonal imbalances and abnormalities in thyroid or progesterone also cause miscarriage.Abnormal serum estradiol level can cause anembryonic pregnancy.
5Some bacterial or viral infections, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, obesity, medications and cervical abnormalities can also cause miscarriages.Chromosomal of genetical abnormalities during cell division is the main cause of anembryonic pregnancy. 

It can be said that there are different types of miscarriages during pregnancy, the causes of which are often different. We have to be very careful during this pregnancy. Despite many precautions, one can occur due to some internal causes of the body.