Architectural Features Tomb of Sher Shah

Tomb of Sher Shah

Sher Shah, of The Most Vital Person During The Indo Islamic Period in India, Played an Important Role in The Mughal History. As The Pounder of the Suri Empire, he Was a Great Person. His Tom is an Example of Indo Islamic Architecture.

Tomb of Sher Shah Construction Time

The Tomb of Sher Shah Was Built Between 1540 and 1545 AD. An Inscription Proves its Completion to 16th August 1545 AD.

Tomb of Sher Shah Builder

The Tomb was Built During The Lifetime of Sher Shah as Well as The Reign of His Son Islam Shah. it Was Designed by Architect Mir Muhammad Aliwal Khan.

Tomb of Sher Shah Construction Materials

Stones, ( Red San) are Used to Built This Tomb.

Tomb of Sher Shah Location

The Sher Shah Tomb Was Located in Sasaram in the Rohatas District of Bihar State in India.

Tomb of Sher Shah Architectural Features

The Tomb of Sher Shah Which Was Made by Red Sandstone Mausoleum That 122 it High. it Stands in The Middle of Anti Ficial Lake, Which is Nearly Square is Known as The Second Taj Mahal of India.

The Tombs Stands at The Center of The Lake on a Square Stone Plinth With Domed Kiosks, Chhatris at Each of its Corners. Further, There Are Stone Banks and Stepped Moorings on AllSides of The Plinth.

Which is Connected to The Main Land The Rough a Wide Stone Bridge. The Main Tomb is Built on Octagonal Plan. Topped by a Dome., 22 Meter in Span and Surrounded Ornamental Domed Kidsks Where Once Corered in Coloured Glazed The Work. The Lake Around The Tomb is Seen as a Development in The Afghan Phase of Sultan Architecture by Sur Dynasty.

Tomb of Sher Shah Ornamentations

The Interior of The Walls and The Dome Arecarved With Inscriptions From Quran. They are Decorated With Beautiful and Elegant Floral Designs. Lange Windows on The Top Portion of The Wall Provide Adequate Ventilation and Lighting to The Interiors of The Tomb.

The Exterior of The Tomb Was Originally Glazed and Painted With Red White Blue and Gold Traces of These Colors Can still BeSeen on The Parapets and Ramparts. The Surrounded Orna Mental Domed Kiosks by The Tomb Were Onee Covered With Colored Glazed Tile Work.

Tomb of Sher Shah Tomb Chambers

Within Tomb Chambers, There are Twenty Five Graves One of Them Being Shen Shah Sunieswhioh is Surrounded by Twenty Four of His Nationals Aslam Shah son of Sher Shah Tomb Was Also There.

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