Architectural Features Quwwat UL Islam Mosque

Architectural Features Quwwat UL Islam Mosque

The Development Of Indo-Islamic Architecture Has Been Started Prom The Ghurid Dynasty (1193 A.D) When Delhi Was The Capital. Later in Mughal Period (1526-1857 AD) Indo- Islamic Architecture Was Developed In its Own Way. Quwwal UL Islamic Mosque is One of The Most Important Indo- Islamic Architecture Which Which is Also Called as ‘The Might of Islam’

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Construction Time

Generally, in 1191 AD Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Was Built. But Jonh Marshal’s Opinion Says – This Mosque Was Built-in 1191 AD. An Inscription of 580 Hijri Says – it was Built During The Battle of Twain in 1191 AD. Hasan Nizami’s “Taj UL Mozin” And Minhaj uz Siraj’s “Tabakat E Nasiri” Saya That in Delhi Muslims Name in 1192 AD. After analyzing All of The opinions Scholars Says That This Mosque is Built-in 1191 AD. Wich is Mare Acceptable.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Builder

Qutub ul Din Ibake Was The Builder of Quwwat UL Islam Mosque.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Naming Reasons

Quwwat UL Islam The Arabic Word Which means “The Might of Islam” The Eastern Wall Named it as a Jami Majid Same as Hasan Nizami, Which Went Against’s Ibn Batuta. I.H Korashi Thinks That The Name of “Qubbat ul Islam” Sayed Ahmed Named This Mosque as “Quwwat UL Islam”

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Building History

Quwwal ul Islam Eastern Wall’s Inscription of 580 Hizri Says That it Was Built By The 27 Hindu Temple’s Material’s Which Was From The Twain’s Battle in 191AD.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Construction Materials

Stones from the Hindu And Jaina Temple, Mud, Bricks Are Used.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Architectural Features

This Mosque is Rectangular Shaped. Length: 21 Feet Width: 212 Feet . An Open Courtyard Was Located in front of The 8 Arch Based Prayer Hall. The Openyard Length is 143ft and the Width is 105 Feet. This Mosque has a Special Facility in Arch Making.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Ladies Places

In The Corner of North-East, South West South East We Found Some Roms Which Was From The Thakandar Two Storoyed Temples. These Are Called Lady Gallary

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Arch

Corbelling Method Was Used Here And For This, it Was not so Strong. Central Arch 16m High 67. Width.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Pillar

Middle Stage Where Prayer Hall Was Located we See Some Pillar’s That Made By King Gupta. About 23’8′ Height And 6 M1 Weight Based Pillar’s Top Hold The Krishna’s Vehicle.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Ornamentation

Caligraphy, Kufic Arabic Geometric, And Arabesque Ornamentation Were Used Here. Specially These Design Was Seen on The Wall And Two Gateway Bared Ans in the Mihrab.

Quwwat UL Islam Mosque Extension

In 1230 AD. Iltutmish Extended This Mosque a Three Sides. he made it Twice.

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