Architectural Features Qutub Minar

Architectural Features Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar The Victory Tower is One of The Mosque’s Popular Symbols of Islam Both Politically And Spiritually. The Tallest And Oldest Minar in The World Kept a Remarkable Role in The Indo Islamic Architecture.

Qutub Minar Location

Qutub Minar Was Located in Delhi at the Qutub Complex Which is About 235mLong and Issm Width.

Why itis Named Qutub Minar

Syed Ahmed Wrote it as Qutub Minar. Actually, Qutub Uddin Ibek built This and for This Reason, it Was Named Qutub Minar. Israeli Prasad’s Muslim Rule in India Called it Minar.

Qutub Minar Construction Elements

Bricks, Red Stone, And Marble Sloe are Used.

Qutub Minar Buildings Reason

An inscription of The Tower Tolad That it Was Built for Azar. Alexander Cuknninghum’s Two Opinions are –

  • The Minar Was Built as The Symbol of Victory.
  • For Using as Marzina of Quwwat Islam Mosque.

According to J. Ferguson, It was Built as Victory Tower. In particular, All Schdar’s Have The Common Opinion That it Was a Symbol of Supremacy or Victory, Which is Why it Was Built for The Symbol of Victory.

Qutub Minar Period of Construction

Construction of Qutub Minar Was Started in 1192 AD.

Qutub Minar Builder

Qutub Uddin Ibek Was The Builder of This Minar and Later in 1368 AD. Firoj Shah Tughlok Constructed The Fifth and Las Storey.

Qutub Minar Architectural Features

At the Base, The Diameter of The Minaret is a Little Over Fourteen Meters and it Tapers Towards The Top Where it is Only Slightly Under 3 Meters Width.

  • It Has a Circular Stairway Made of 379 Steps to Reach The Top of The Minar. The Str Way is 72.5m (237.8) High and has a Base Diameter of 14.3m and it Nannows 2.7 Meters to The Top.
  • The Minar Comprises Several Superimposed Planged and Cylindrical Shafts Separated By Baronles.
  • All The Storeys have a Balcony That Circles The Minar With Stone Brackets For Support.
  • The Minar is Decorated Throughout With Balconies Which Were Suppor Ted By Stone Brackets.

Qutub Minar Ornamentations

Qutub Minar is Decorated With Floral Motifs and Ara Besque. Also, it Bears Inscriptions That Verses From The Quran and Messages From The Sultans. The Stones Brackets are Decorated With Honeycomb Which Was Shown More Conspicuous on The 1st Floor. Red Stones are Used Here Which Look Beautiful. In Every Floor, The Wall Consists of Parallel Analoesque Design and Floral Motif Design.