9 Rivers of China Name and Details

9 Rivers of China Name and Details

China was originally estimated to have 50,000 rivers, but at present, it estimated 22,000 rivers. Due to statistical discrepancies, water and soil loss, and climate change the rivers have decreased. However, China has a vast network of rich rivers and waters. Among them, their major rivers are

The Yangtze River of China

The Yangtze River of China

The Yangtze River is also referred to as the Changjiang River. It is the world’s third longest river, after only the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South America. It is Asia’s longest and largest river, measuring 6397 kilometers in length. The Yangtze River begins in Tanggula Mountain on the Tibetan plateau and flows through nine provinces and two municipal cities, with significant cities along the river including Shanghai, Nanking, Wuhan, Chongqing, and Chengdu. The Yangtze River, together with the Yellow River, is known as China’s mother river.

The Yellow River of China

The Role of the Yellow River in Chinese History

The Yellow River, with a length of 5464 kilometers, is China’s second-longest river after the Yangtze River and the world’s fifth-longest river. It flows from western Qinghai province to Shandong province, where it joins the Bohai River. The Yellow River flows through nine Chinese provinces. The river travels through the loess plateau, resulting in a river with a high salt concentration. The Yellow Basin, on the other hand, was one of the key birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Because it has aided Chinese civilization throughout history, Chinese people refer to it as the “Mother River.”

The Pearl River of China

The prospects of integrating the Pearl River Delta - CGTN

The Pearl River is approximately 2400 kilometers long. It is the third-longest river on Chinese soil. It has several tributaries, including the East River, West River, and North River. A night boat down the Pearl River is a popular tour option on many tourists’ itineraries in Guangzhou. Travelers can enjoy the wonderful view along the Pear River in the evening.

The Songhuajiang River of China

Rime scenery at bank of Songhuajiang River in Jilin - Xinhua | English.news.cn

The Songhuajiang River is known as the “Mother River” in China’s northeast. The river began at Tianchi on the Chanbaishang Mountain. It has many tributaries and is known as the “Milky Way” in Manchu. The river is more than 1840 kilometers long, with a drainage basin of around 545,000 square kilometers.

The Huaihe River of China

Huai River - Wikipedia

The Huaihe River begins in Tobaishan Mountain and flows through Henan, Anhui, and Jiangsu Provinces before joining the Yangtze River at Sanjiangying. The River is well-known for being tough to manage.

The Heilongjiang River of China

Scenery of Heilongjiang River in NE China - Xinhua | English.news.cn

The Heilongjiang River is an international river known as Amur that runs across China and Russia, passing through the northeast of China and into the Sea of Okhotsk. The Heilong Jiang River is so named because it flows in the shape of a black dragon. The entire river is 4370 kilometers long and ranks 11th in the world in terms of length.

The Brahmaputra River of China

China's dams in Tibet may pose threat to India's water supply | Satellite images explain - India News

The Brahmaputra River rises in the Himalayas in the Tibet Autonomous Region and is the world’s highest-altitude river. The full length of the Tae River is 2840 kilometers, and the majority of it is in China.

The Li River of China

The Poetic Li River Cruise in China - Places To See In Your Lifetime

The Li River is part of the Pearl River water system and is located in the Eastern Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region. It is also well-known for its gorgeous landscape, which includes water, hills, and farmland across a total length of 437 kilometers. The river that runs between Guilin and Yangshuo provides an essential excursion through Guilin’s stunning karst landscape. Because of the beautiful Li River, tourists from all over the world flock to Guilin for vacations.

Canals of China

The 1,800-Km-Long Hand-Dug Grand Canal of China | Amusing Planet

China has also many canals. Canals in China connecting its major rivers and centers of agriculture and population extends from the legendary exploits of you the great in his attempts to control the flooding of the yellow river to present infrastructure projects of the people’s republic of china. The Grand Canal is the most important canal in China. The length of the canal is about 1, 776 km. It played a major role during the Great leap forward as it provided an efficient way to transport grains. There are also Eastern Zhejiang. The canal in Qingilanpu district is very important.

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